Brunetti-sensei, menkyo shihan

Clifford Brunetti,   師範ブルネッティー奥崖, is Shihan-Dai (headmaster) of OkuGake Jujutsu and Menkyo Shihan (Licensed Master / Retired) of Hakkoryu Jujutsu. Brunetti was first introduced to Hakkoryu by Captain John C. Bokeno (USAF Ret./Deceased), a menkyo kaiden shihan of Hakkoryu Jujutsu, while stationed at F.E. Warren AFB in Wyoming. Brunetti became a Black Belt in 1987 under Master Bokeno. Brunetti-sensei also trained with soke Okuyama Ryuho, menkyo kaiden shihan san daikichu; Dennis Palumbo, Yasuhiro Irie, Michael LaMonica, and others. After 25 years of study and personal instruction, Brunetti became a licensed master instructor in Hakkoryu Jujutsu.Sgt Brunetti Kunsan Air Base Korea 1988

Brunetti, a former U.S. Air Force Security Specialist, spent a military tour of duty in Korea as an E.S.T. (Emergency Services counter-terrorism Team) member during the ’88 Olympics, and earned the Air Force Achievement Medal for meritorious service. Brunetti took terminal leave to train in Japan with the highest ranking masters of jujutsu. Once back in the states Brunetti-sensei opened his first dojo – The Gainesville Budokan. Moving to Sarasota Florida in 1996, Brunetti founded the KaZoku Dojo 家族道場 (ka-zoku is commonly translated as “family.”)

Family and Personal:

Clifford BrunettiCliff Brunetti is an accountant who holds an MBA in Accounting and Finance, is the president of Cotswolds Cottages rental homes, instructs at the Sarasota military academies, is a licensed master in medical Shiatsu therapy, and maintains licensure as a registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer and as a Registered Vascular Technologist. Brunetti is married to Patricia, a dentist, and is a father of four with five grandchildren so far.

Brunetti enjoys Japanese swordsmanship, pistol and rifle shooting, hiking, travel, art, and heraldry.

On the Fall equinox of 2014, 25 years after serving as a counter-terrorism member during the South Korean Olympics, Brunetti was granted Honorary Armorial Ensigns (coat-of-arms) by Letters Patent under the authority of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Cav. Clifford Brunetti OSMA, CCR

In the Fall of 2017, Brunetti was also styled a Knight Commander (Comendador Cavaleiro) Order of Saint Michael of the Wing and Knight Commander of the Royal House of Portugal by Letters Patent under the seal of H.R.H. Dom Duarte Pio, Duke of Bragança.