Brunetti Arms


Arms and Crest of Mr. Clifford Brunetti

Arms and Crest of Mr. Clifford Brunetti

Blazon of Arms for Clifford Brunetti:

  • Arms – Vert a Saltire between four Fire-balls Or enflamed proper.”
  • Crest – “On a Cliff Gules an Owl wings elevated and displayed Or charged on the breast with a Chevron Vert.”
  • Badge – “Encircled by a Jujutsu Belt tied in base Purpure an Owl displayed Or charged on the breast with a Chevron and holding in each foot a Roundel Vert.”

Meaning of Arms and Crest:

    • Arms – The saltire cross is the Greek “Chi” which spells the first letter of Clifford. It is also a powerful and ancient protective symbol, an allusion to many years in the protection of others in military, state, and private sectors. The four fireballs represent the armiger’s four children; each born in a different season. The fireball on top represents the summer solstice, the two in the middle represent the two equinoxes, and lower fireball represents the winter solstice. Fireballs also allude to a maternal great grandfather Sir Peter Ball, First Baronet of Mamhead, Devonshire, who bore three fireballs on his arms.
    • Crest – The red cliff is the Ness of Shaldon. The owl is Balthazar, a horned owl and an allusion to military service in the U.S. Air Force. The Great Horned Owl has no equal in the sky. It is swift, silent, and deadly at night. The gold owl represents wisdom; “How much better to get wisdom than gold!,” (Proverbs 16:16).
    • Badge – The purple belt is worn by masters of Hakkoryu Jujutsu.

Letters Patent of Mr. Clifford Phillip Brunetti I, BSc, MBA

Granted under the authority of Queen Elizabeth II on September 2014, approved by the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal Edward Fitzalan-Howard, signed and sealed by the Garter Principle King of Arms Thomas Woodcock, Clarencieux King of Arms Patric Laurence Dickinson, and Nolroy and Ulster King of Arms Timothy Duke, and designed by the Rouge Croix Pursuivant John Michael Allen-Petrie of the College of Arms in London England.

A copy of these arms are hand-painted into the London College of Arms registers in perpetuity for the armiger and his male descendants and the pedigree is registered.

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