Brunetti Arms Emblazonments

These are a small selection of paintings and digital renderings of the heraldic arms of Clifford Brunetti, which were granted through Letters Patent by the College of Arms, London, for himself and his male heirs in perpetuity according to the laws of arms. Every rendition may be different in many areas, especially helmet, shield shape, and mantling, but must all strictly adhere to the Blazon of Arms set forth by the Patents.

1 Brunetti Patent ArmsBrunetti Arms from Patent of Arms

2 Brunetti Patent Arms BronzeBrunetti Arms in Bronze plaque

3 Brunetti Arms with knighthood medalsBrunetti Arms with knighthood medals

4 Brunetti Arms carvedBrunetti Arms carved from mahogany

9 Brunetti ArmsBrunetti Arms

8 Brunetti Arms with Owl HelmBrunetti Arms with owl helm

11 Brunetti Arms pen and ink styleBrunetti Arms pen and ink style

10 Brunetti ArmsBrunetti Arms with barrel helm

20 Brunetti Arms painted by C. NavarroBrunetti Arms painted by Carlos Navarro of Spain

12 Brunetti Arms with FirebombsBrunetti Arms with firebombs

14 Brunetti Arms simpleBrunetti Arms simple Armorial style

15 Brunetti Arms heaterBrunetti Arms as a heater shield

5 Brunetti Full Achievement of ArmsBrunetti Arms full achievement

6 Brunetti Knight, Full AchievementBrunetti Arms with knight

7 Brunetti Full Achievement of Arms in the style of Dan EscottBrunetti Arms in Dan Escott style

16 Brunetti Heraldic BadgeBrunetti Heraldic Badge
17 Brunetti Heraldic Badge pinBrunetti Heraldic Badge in a pin

18 Brunetti Heraldic BadgeBrunetti Heraldic Badge

19 Brunetti Heraldic BadgeBrunetti Heraldic Badge with kanji