Meridian chartWHAT IS SHIATSU?

Shiatsu means finger pressure. It is an Oriental means of treating illnesses.


Often we hear that Shiatsu is the “flip side of the same coin” as our Jujutsu, in that, the same lines (Keiraku) that are used to generate extreme pain, discomfort, and other effects are also used to promote healing.

In our Jujutsu, a person must complete a basic Shiatsu course to become a Yudansha (black belt).


Shiatsu is a complex branch of ancient Oriental medicine, but its practical methods are easily understood:

1)  There is a subtle energy called “Ki” that circulates through the body through the meridians (Keiraku). This Ki is the vital force which separates the living and the dead. Its balanced, unimpeded flow is critical to good health.

2)  There are fourteen major meridian lines, which are the energy channels that course through the human body.

3)  Any blockage, misdirection or impedance to the flow of Ki may result in pain, dysfunction, bad health, or death.

4)  With the Shiatsu practitioners thumbs, points are stimulated along the lines of the meridians. Such stimulation helps restore the normal balance and flow of Ki so that organs and other bodily systems can work together in harmony. This allows the body to repair itself naturally and maintain its own good health.