Order of the Golden Owl


Learning and Living Chivalry

What We Are

At the Order of the Golden Owl, we’re changing ourselves to change the world. Based in Sarasota Florida our transformative fraternal Order mobilizes people all over to take action and create a meaningful and lasting impact…one adventure at a time.

Founded in 2020, the Order of the Golden Owl is leading the way for people to learn and live an idealized chivalric life, based on today’s reality. This produces positive changes in our lives, which translate locally, nationally, and globally. Through personal adventures, events, and online networking perpetuated by our dedicated members, we work to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, create a life of dignity, of power, of peace, and morality. Awaken your power!

Becoming a Knight

Certificate framed

The Order of the Golden Owl accepts candidates by the sole pleasure of the Prior through both nominations and applications. Our candidates come from all walks of life. To become a knight, you must complete our Squire Academy. The Squire Academy is a video platformed, virtual school that teaches chivalric concepts and sets the candidates on adventures (deeds) that must be accomplished. Once complete, the candidate will be knighted in a private, virtual, accolade ceremony, and will receive a gold bordered, wax sealed, brevet of knighthood.
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  • Type: Fraternal Order
  • Established: September 22 (Vernal Equinox) 2020
  • Motto: Latin: Honoris et Virtutis (Honor and Valor)
  • Criteria: Prior’s pleasure and a graduate of the Squire Academy
  • Founder and Prior: Clifford Phillip Brunetti
  • Officers: Prelate, Chancellor, Secretary, Registrar, Men-at-Arms
  • Classes: Knight Commander, Dame Commander, Knight, Dame
  • Creed:  I defend the weak, I speak only truth, I make no excuse, I let believe, I hold my temper, I live with honor, I make valor my lifelong pursuit.


The Badge of the Order is the “Belted Owl” in the center of a green Maltese Cross with “Unbelted Owls” in each of the four junctions of the cross. The “Belted Owl” is based on the granted badge of Clifford Brunetti and authorized only to masters of the martial art of Okugake Jujutsu, of which Clifford is the headmaster.  The “Unbelted Owl” is authorized to knights of the Order that are unaffiliated with the martial art.


The fraternal Order of the Golden Owl was created as a means to instruct candidates in the chivalric code and to encourage living them out in the modern world. Originally it began as a project through the group Chivalry Now (www.chivalrynow.net). Clifford developed his project into the Defensor Team for the Sarasota Military Academy. This group consisted of young men and women in a pseudo-military self-defense club with lessons in living out a chivalric lifestyle.  

Ceremonial Occasions:

For the Order’s ceremonial occasions, members wear vestments. 

  • A mantle is a vestment-like hooded cape. It is dark green. A ten inch Star of the Order is embroidered in gold bullion and green silk threads on the left shoulder of the mantle. Both Knights and Dames wear the mantle in ceremony.
  • The hat is a Tudor bonnet of black velvet with a plume of white ostrich feather for the Prior, where all others wear the cap unadorned with plumage.

Beneath the mantle is worn a lounge suit for gentlemen and a dress for ladies.

Other Occasions:

  • The Star of the Order is worn by all knights with a ribbon around the neck, and a miniature medal is worn, in order of precedence, on the left lapel of the suit.
  • The Breast Star is the Star of the Order surrounded by either emanating gold or silver rays, and are worn on the left panel of the suit jacket. The Prior’s in gold, and Knight Commanders in silver.
  • A Dame may wear the “Unbelted Owl” brooch.

Precedence and privilege:

As a fraternal Order, the order of precedence follows standard practice, that is; first medals awarded for military service, second medals awarded by sovereigns, then knighthood orders prioritized first by degree, following date of inception.

Knights of the Order of the Golden Owl may use the prefix Cav. for Cavaliere, an Italian term for knight, based on the founder’s ancestry within the Order. 

Post nominal letters are used within the Order and follow the class designations; 

  • Grand Knight of the Golden Owl – GKGO 
  • Knight Commander of the Golden Owl – KCGO
  • Knight of the Golden Owl – KGO
  • Dame Commander of the Golden Owl – DCGO
  • Dame of the Golden Owl – DGO. 

Augmentations for heraldic arms include suspending the Star of the Order beneath the shield for Knights. For Knight Commanders, a ribbon encircles mid-way around the shield and terminates beneath it with the Badge of the Order, or alternatively the shield in front of the Badge of the Order. 

Email: Knights.of.the.Golden.Owl@gmail.com