The Belted Owl Society

The Belted Owl Society is a gathering of senior practitioners of OkuGake Jujutsu. The members herein have voting rights for dojo disciplinary proceedings, curriculum alterations, and time/date changes.

Clifford Brunetti – Sensei, Menkyo Shihan

George Smith – Shihan

Jorge Piedra – Shihan

Jeremiah Ranck – Shihan

Tim Hearron – Nidan

Jason Bush – Nidan

Josh Ranck – Shodan

Tim Rogers – Shodan

Colin Tyrrell – Shodan

Dave Hetter – Shodan


The Belted Owl is the Heraldic Badge, granted by Letters Patent, of Clifford Brunetti and is given to his Yudansha (black belts) for their use while part of the KaZoku Dojo.

[Belted Owl symbolism: The purple belt is the highest achievement of our martial art. The golden owl symbolizes wisdom more precious than gold. Holding in each talon are the two worlds, physical and spiritual, that wisdom maintains in balance. The chevron on the owl’s breast shows ascension to a higher order.]